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With 2018 about to end and another New Year approaching, many of us who have made resolutions this year to lose body fat have still not been successful in accomplishing the feat. We know it may sound surreal to you if we say that you can still accomplish your current year resolution and start 2019 with a new resolution other than losing body fat.


New Years Discounts

SkinFX Canada is the best South Surrey Medical Spa to offer the most effective treatment intended to get rid of the fat body cells. With our latest techniques and amazing holiday discounts, you can enter into 2019 with a whole new body form and boosted self-confidence.


Body Sculpting AND Skin Tightening Combo Treatment

SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Medical Spa to offer a combination of two most effective body fat treatment technologies that can sculpt your body into the form that you have always desired.


The Treatment

These treatments are: truSculpt 3D for Body Sculpting, and BodyFX for Skin Tightening, which when combined make it possible to see major body improvements in just one treatment. The body sculpting and skin tightening combo treatment offered by SkinFX Canada is the most effective treatment because of the use of dual technology.



All body sculpting and skin tightening technologies used at SkinFX Canada are virtually pain-free and non-surgical. The body sculpting treatment does not require you to do any preparations and allows you to resume your normal life activities right after the treatment. Many of our patients receive their treatment during their work lunch break.


Full results in 6 weeks

The amazing results of the combination of the two most effective body sculpting techniques become evident within 6 to 8 weeks of the treatment. This means that if you are really looking forward to starting your New Year with a whole new body form then you must act quickly.


Don’t Body Sculpt without Skin Tightening

As the truSculpt 3D technology melts away the fat, the Body FX treatment stimulates the growth of collagen and assures toned tight skin. The major advantage of the use of dual technologies is that your skin remains intact after the fat exits your body. and the skin is tightened to your new figure. Taut skin, that’s smooth and cellulite free.


Christmas 2018 Deal

This holiday season, SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Medical Spa offering a whopping 30 percent discount on BodyFX body sculpting as well as truSculpt 3D body sculpting, empowering you to welcome the New Year in a new and healthy outlook. Please view the special offers pages on our website.


Free Consultation

We can understand you may have different concerns before making a decision, therefore, SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Medical Spa to offer free consultation. So call us now or send us an email to book your free appointment.