Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Blonde Hair?

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Laser hair removal is becoming one of the most sought after kinds of hair removal routes that people are opting to take. This kind of hair removal is growing in popularity because of the painless procedure that it entails.


Waxing and threading tend to cause a considerable amount of pain, especially for those who have thicker hair.


How It Works


One of the more prominent questions about hair removal is what kind of hair it works on, in particular, with regards to the hair color that people have.


Unfortunately, for those who have lighter hair, some laser hair removal machines won’t work as easily as it does on darker hair, mainly because of the scientific fundamentals that laser hair removal is based on.


Laser hair removal entails using a laser to disintegrate and absorb the hair follicle, preventing it from growing back again. When a laser is used during this process of hair removal, the light emitted by it starts to absorb the darker pigments in the hair. These pigments consist in the form of melanin, which determine the color of the hair. Hair that has a higher amount of melanin is able to disintegrate and get absorbed by the laser, thereby removing the hair.


Removing Lighter Hair


While lighter hairs are harder to remove, it is not something that is completely out of reach, especially for clinics that are well equipped.


This is done with higher intensity medical grade lasers, such as excelHR laser hair removal, that require an incredible amount of skill to operate. This is a more intricate procedure but can work well to remove the hair of those who don’t have as much melanin in their hair.


The cooling systems that these laser machines tend to have is the gold standard in laser hair treatment. The procedure is nearly painless.


For those who want to conduct laser hair removal for lighter skin, or are wondering “does laser hair removal work on blonde hair?”, the answer is, yes it does, but only if you have the latest, state-of-the-art, lasers.


Opting For Laser Hair Removal


When going in for laser hair removal, the clinic that you choose to go in for is incredibly important. SkinFX Canada is a clinic that held in high recognition.


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