Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections Process and Pricing

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To accurately determine the price of your wrinkle reduction treatment, we look at 4 main variables during your consultation – the area of treatment, your gender, number of units and how often you will require additional injections.


Area of Treatment

The cost of your treatment will be heavily dependent on the desired area of treatment. Specific areas of the face will need a higher amount of Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections to relax the muscles than others.



Men are known to require anywhere from 20-50% more product than women. This is accounted for during your consultation, and when purchasing your Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections units.


Number of Units

Each person’s muscles are different and vary in strength and size. One of our doctors or nurses will examine your face to determine the appropriate number of units to relax the targetted muscle.


Frequency of Treatment

The result of Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections normally lasts anywhere from three to six months. It is recommended after your appointment to follow-up with a check-up to assess the results and see if you’re happy with the treatment. At this time, we will suggest when it is appropriate for another treatment. These intervals range anywhere from four to six months depending on the person.


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