Cellulite Treatments—Just in Time for Summer (BodyFX by InMode)


Cellulite, and how you can deal with it

Cellulite is a skin condition people often don’t realize they start to get with aging. It is also a condition of the skin you may think really can’t control or prevent. However, this is thankfully a misconception that isn’t true. The dimples, saggy, and lumpy appearance of cellulite does not have to be something you just have to live with. The beauty industry has vastly evolved to find and create effective solutions to this problem. The formation of cellulite happens when fat deposits go through the connecting tissues underneath the skin.

There are many natural treatments, DIY remedies, and even procedures that you can do for this skin condition. A couple popular at home treatments include the use of coffee infused body scrubs, tea wraps, and topical creams. Although there can be some results experienced through these methods, unfortunately, they can never meet the effectiveness of actual scientifically garnered treatment. Skin tightening will probably have to be the best most effective way to eliminate the fats caused by cellulite.

Skin tightening is not just for the areas with this condition, as it can be used for overall toning of the body. After several sessions, the surface of the skin becomes less wrinkled, more firm, and will be smoother altogether. This skin tightening method can be used for all body parts, including the neck and face. These treatments are often done by professionals such as SkinFX. The results you see all vary on the severity of the surface.

The different types of skin tightening treatments

There are different types of skin tightening treatments available, we’ve tried many of these options and we find BodyFX by InMode to be the most effective. BodyFX treatments are non-invasive and utilize massaging techniques, laser frequencies, and fat reducing products to break down the fat cells. The time it will take to see visible results is anywhere from 3-6 treatment sessions. It’s really important to also consider implementing physical activity paired with these treatments to experience the best possible results. When you make use of external means of tightening the skin and actively exercise the internal parts as well, you will be able to see a difference faster and longer.

The prices for BodyFX at SkinFX can vary on the size of your body and the condition of your skin. Fortunately, first-time BodyFX patients get 25% off their first session! The introductory rate tallies at $149 while the regular price then on is $199 per 20-minute session.

The unflattering fat that is on your body does not have to be something you have to deal with. Investing in the health of your skin and body will pay off when you finally start to see the results that you’ve been waiting for.

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