Ditch the Double Chin


Ditch the Double Chin

Ditch the double chin with truSculpt3D is a safe and effective treatment for anyone who wants to take control of your double chin and neck fat.

Its radio frequency technology that can help you decrease circumference and diminish fat, and achieve results in just one treatment — without surgery or downtime.

Our truSculpt treatment is rated 88% worth it by real patients on realself.com, the leading and most trusted source for people considering a cosmetic treatment.


We take care to work with our patients as much as we can to build a treatment plan unique to each individual.

To sweeten the deal, we offer an introductory price of $599, additional treatments are $1199, however, most patients see good result after one treatment, some come back for more or maintenance.

Text Anna at (888) 619-2998 to book your complimentary consultation. Ditch the double chin!

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