How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do I Need? (ExcelHR)


Get rid of that unwanted body hair, with laser hair removal

Ridding the body of unwanted hair to laser treatment has caught the attention of countless people around the world. If you’re intrigued to try it out yourself, then there are a couple of things you should know. How these treatment works are unlike any form of hair removal treatment. The success rates of long term hair removal are higher than any other method, but with that being said the time it takes to reach the full hair removal will take a few sessions. The days of shaving, plucking, and waxing are slowly disappearing and for good reason.

When you come for a consultation for eliminating hair, we will evaluate a few things such as the amount of hair needed to be removed and the thickness of strands. It’s important to know that everyone will have a different experience with the results they experience. Permanent hair removal requires 4-6 treatments at least, but that’s not to say that you can get your results faster. By getting quality service from credible sources such as SkinFX you will likely see results faster and for a longer period of time. On average, the hair that has been removed, the average timetable of it growing back will be after a year.

Laser hair removal, and it’s lasting qualities

The term permanent can be deceiving, but it is to an extent permanent just so long as you get annual check-ups. With waxing, shaving, and plucking, not only are you not getting half the results of laser treatment, but you are also harming the skin and its roots tremendously. Although the cost-effective aspect to the alternative methods to laser treatment is more enticing, the longevity of the results of laser sessions far outweighs the initial investment. Although permanent hair removal requires 4-6 treatments to fully take into effect, you will actually begin to see results after the first session. After every session, the hair becomes finer and less thick as well.

Shaving and waxing may be far less pricy in terms of initial payments, but when you tally up long term expenses, utilizing laser treatment for hair loss is more affordable. With the sessions from ExcelHR, the price for first-time patients is 40% off the first session. The introductory rate is $50 for 1 session and $80 for each additional session. Each session lasts about 30 minutes long for one specific area. Text or call (778) 488-8387 to book a complimentary consultation at SkinFX and start your hair free journey!

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