Laser Hair Removal and the Hair Growth Cycle

Before you book a laser hair treatment, you may have a few questions about what the treatment is and how you should go about preparing and recovering if you have the treatment.

What is laser hair removal?

With laser hair removal, a laser technician uses a laser to rid body hair from certain areas of the body. The treatment removes and destroys the hair follicle fully. You may need 2-6 sessions for the treatments to work properly and to see full permanent hair removal. The treatments can be repeated when hair regrows. The laser treatment makes hair grow back less noticeably. The removes hair from the back, bikini area, chest, face, neck, shoulder, face, lips, arms, underarms, legs, and ears.

What is the hair growth cycle?

The hair growth cycle has 4 phases, this is why laser hair removal must be done multiple times. Every individual hair is at a different phase in the growth cycle. The first phase is called “Anagen” and this is the best time to receive a Laser Hair Removal treatment. When the laser glides over a hair follicle in Anagen phase, the follicle is able to be completely zapped and destroyed. Multiple Laser Hair Removal treatments are required to get every hair, while it’s in the anagen phase. We recommend 4-6 laser treatments spaced a few weeks apart each time.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

Ask the laser technician any of the questions you may have before the treatment. You can ask approximately how many laser hair removal treatments you may need. You should ask about the cost of the treatments. Definitely ask about the side effects and how it will work on your skin. You should ask if you’re a good candidate for laser hair treatment. You’ll want to shave 1 or 2 days before your laser hair removal treatment.

What does a standard laser hair removal session look like?

We will call you a few days in advance to confirm your appointment and remind you to shave the treatment area. A patient is typically given a numbing gel for the area of the skin that will be treated to keep the patient comfortable. At SkinFX Canada we also offer optional prescription numbing cream if the patient desires extra comfort. The laser hair removal treatment happens in our laser room, specifically designed to perform laser treatments. The actual laser treatment is rather quick, and we can treat most areas in 15 to 30 minutes of laser time. After the laser hair removal treatment, you are good to go and carry on with your normal daily activities.

What is the post-treatment recovery like?

After the laser hair removal treatment, you are good to go and carry on with your normal daily activities. The area may be a little sensitive, so the doctor MAY prescribe a cream to go on the area. Avoiding sunlight or using SPF is also recommended right after laser hair removal.

What is the cost of laser hair treatment?

It is hard to say how much it would cost without seeing you first in person. You can come in for a free consultation with our laser girl Jas, and she can quote you an exact price for your body hair and how many sessions you will need. We use the cutera excelHR laser which is the gold-standard in laser hair removal, so our patients usually require fewer sessions than they would need at other laser clinics using inferior machines. Laser Hair Removal treatments are very affordable for most people.

Where to get laser hair removal in Vancouver?

With all of the options in Vancouver it can be hard to choose the right medspa. We recommending choosing the place that makes you the most comfortable and provides you with REAL information. We also recommend staying away from IPL in most cases as it can be rather ineffective. Do your research on laser hair removal lasers and consult with a few different doctors first. At SkinFX we are willing to price match any competitors pricing on laser hair removal, we are confident that once you see the results of the cutera excelHR laser and the care and professionalism of the SkinFX staff, we’ll win you over as a customer. Contact our laser hair removal clinic in South Surrey now for a complimentary no obligation consultation. Our laser hair removal clinic in Metro Vancouver can help you stop shaving forever.

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