Looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift? Consider getting laser hair treatments for you and your significant other.

Now’s the time for laser

Winter is one of the best times to get your summer body ready, especially when it comes to laser hair treatments. Getting started during the winter months is ideal due to lighter skin pigments, less tan, and because it leaves time to budget out your treatments. The winter months are also great for getting started because it gives you time to complete all of your treatments so that you are looking perfect for summer.

Watch out

As you prepare to get your laser hair treatments this Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty of local medspas with hair removal solutions that might leave you in a bit of a hairy situation. Manipulation of locals and heavy up-sells are common. It can be difficult to tell which treatments are best. What is IPL anyways? Whether it be the best prices are the best results. Here are some things to keep in mind as the hair removal season kicks into gear:

Ask the right questions

Hair growth happens in cycles, and many types of hair respond differently to treatments. Working with professionals who understand these cycles and styles can make a huge difference in hair removal treatments. There are also many kinds of hair removal machines, some lasers and some not.

Research the Laser

You will want to make sure that you have both a professional laser hair removal specialist and the latest technology for hair removal so that your treatments are effective and turn out great. At SkinFX we use the Excel HR laser by cutera, the gold standard hair removal laser. Our laser features dual laser diodes to target all skin types safely. When it comes to hair treatment, the excelHR laser is the standard of excellence.

Be weary of IPL

Three of the major hair removal solutions are waxing, IPL, and laser hair treatments. While each has their advantages, laser hair removal treatments are the best option for getting rid of hair and keeping it gone. Wax can be quite painful and has a minimum duration. IPL treatments can be much less invasive however they often rely on darker hair colours and thicker hair. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is not actually a laser, which is why it is weaker and requires more treatment sessions.

Blonde Hairs

If you have white, gray, or blond hair, IPL laser treatments become problematic. The excelHR laser has outstanding results on blonde, white, grey, and red hairs.

Laser saves

Laser hair removal is the best of both worlds. These treatments are highly effective and tend to last the longest. These treatments avoid the kind of pain that waxing creates and they are far more precise than other treatments. When it is done right, Laser hair removal will save you money and time on shaving.

Beware the scams

The use of a fake laser hair removal laser has become a widespread scam. There are many home treatment options claiming to have the same quality of laser that you get with professionals. Most home treatments still employ a fake laser hair removal laser. Because of this, they lack the intensity of professional-grade procedures. We DO NOT recommend home laser hair removal treatments. Don’t get caught up in the usual scams hitting the market this year. As you gear up for your winter laser hair treatment keep these things in mind and you should be able to enjoy your summer hair-free. Stay safe! To learn more about excel HR in Vancouver, call us today so that we can set up your laser hair removal consultation! Contact our laser hair removal clinic in South Surrey now for a complimentary no-obligation consultation. Our laser hair removal clinic in Metro Vancouver can help you stop shaving forever.

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