Planning a trip to Canada? Save big on Botox Injections, Laser Hair Removal & Body Sculpting at SkinFX Canada


SkinFX Canada has always welcomed our beloved neighbours south of the border.

With our main SkinFX Canada location being just 10 minutes north of the Peach Arch border, some of our clients actually drive across for our Medi-spa services multiple times per year, and it’s no wonder why. Due to the current economic situation with the US and Canadian dollars, just by simply travelling north you can save up to 35% on popular treatments.

*Pricing is shown approximate and subject to change. CAD/USD currencies will fluctuate.

And that’s just the start! If you are making a trip up north for a treatment, we are more than happy to combine a few different treatments and create a custom pricing package just for you.

Visit the Sea Wall and Stanley Park, receive treatment at SkinFX Canada and go back home looking better than ever, all in the same day. Sounds good right? Commonly we’ll have small groups of friends, co-workers, come up across the border together, to make a day out of it.

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