Removing Unwanted Hair: Waxing vs. IPL vs. Laser


There’s not a woman out there who doesn’t love clean, smooth skin, and there’s also not a woman out there who hasn’t grown sick of shaving!

You don’t need to bothered with shaving any longer. There are a number of different options when it comes to permanent hair removal, including waxing, IPL, and lasers.


Waxing is perhaps the most common way to get rid of unwanted hair but it is also the most painful. Waxing works by applying a sticky wax along with a cloth or strip to your skin, which captures your hair, and then quickly ripping it all off.

In essence, it is like pulling off a bandage—and we all know how much that can hurt!

IPL Hair Reduction

IPL, or intense pulsed light, is a hair removal/reduction treatment that uses visible light to target the melanin pigments in your hair. Basically, this treatment will use heat energy to warm hair, which in turn damages the hair follicle.

In other words, IPL is like a really strong light bulb that can stop hair follicles from growing any more hair. IPL works best on those with dark hair, as it contains more melanin than light hair. It is a semi-permanent solution, and it will take multiple treatments to achieve your desired results.

excel HR Laser Hair Removal

When deciding which Vancouver hair treatment is right for you, you should seriously consider excel HR by Cutera. The excel HR laser hair removal treatment uses an advanced laser to painlessly and quickly remove all that unwanted hair.

The truly great thing about excel HR is that it is a laser than can be used on all types of skin tones and colors, unlike other lasers. Whether your have fair skin or dark skin, the excel HR laser can work for you.

The unique wavelength in excelHR will target your hair follicles, destroying them so that they can no longer produce any hair. That means no more hair ever! Unlike waxing, you won’t have to come back for sessions over and over again.

The other benefit of excel HR is that in the process of getting rid of your hair, the laser also tightens your skin and clears your skin! So not only will you be hair free but your skin will be absolutely stunning.

You days of shaving, waxing, and hiding your hairy legs can be a thing of the past.

To learn more about excel HR in Vancouver, call us today so that we can setup your laser hair removal consultation!

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