Should I get CoolSculpting or truSculpt 3D?


 If you’re struggling with stubborn fat pockets on your body and feel that you are unable to get rid of it despite exercising regularly and following a strict diet regime, then it is time to consider other options.

Whether you are annoyed with your love handles or you feel embarrassed because of your outer thighs or double chin, SkinFX Canada is the best South Surrey Medical Spa to provide remedies for all such concerns with the best and safest treatment options available.

Better results, over more area.

At SkinFX Canada, we offer the most effective truSculpt 3D technology that empowers you to bid farewell to your fat cells for good.

You have most probably heard about CoolSculpting as a more common fat removal treatment; however, you will be surprised to know that truSculpt 3D has proven to deliver more reliable results. Based on the controlled monopolar radiofrequency, truSculpt 3D provides more reduction of fat within a single treatment as compared to CoolSculpting. The best thing about truSculpt 3D is that its capability to treat fat at any point within your body.

Reduce Cellulite

In addition to that, it is also proven that the quality of skin after truSculpt 3D is far smoother, with far less cellulite, as compared to the skin condition after CoolSculpting. View our Before and After Gallery.

truSculpt 3D, the latest upgrade to truSculpt

truSculpt 3D is an upgrade of the truSculpt, a nonsurgical treatment for body sculpting. Apart from this, there are some other factors related to truSculpt 3D that are substantial and allow truSculpt 3D to be more beneficial than CoolSculpting.

With the advanced technology of truSculpt 3D, Doctors and Technicians can treat all kinds of areas, large or small, as compared to the limited applicators sizes available with CoolSculpting.

truSculpt Increases Skin Tightness

Even though CoolSculpting treatment does not cause worsening of the laxity within the treated area—truSculpt 3D actually enhances the skin tone within the treatment area and improves skin laxity because of the use of radio frequency.

truSculpt 3D works to skin tightening and textural enhancements to the areas being treated.

Free Consultation—let us show you the machine and how it works!

We can understand you may have different concerns before making a decision, for this reason SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Medical Spa to offer free consultations. Call us now or send us an email to book your free appointment today.

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