Medical Skin Care at SkinFX

We offer everything from cleansers to serums and more to target your specific concerns whether that is dry, oil, rosacea, sensitivity, acne or hyperpigmentation. Individuals have unique skin profiles. Which means one product or skin care regimen does not suit all. Therefore, depending on your skin profile, specific concerns, and budget…our skin care specialist can work with you to add a product or two into your regimen and offer suggestions on an optimal treatment regimen for optimal results.

The key to beautiful skin is your skin care professional who can customize your AlumierMD experience. No more guess work, get a regimen that is catered to your specific skin needs and see real results. Our team at SkinFX in knowledgable about AlumierMD medical products, book a free consultation to learn more about our products and find the right combination for your skin.


The Image Skincare Ageless Trial Kit is an excellent choice if you want to try the products in this line – but you don’t want to invest in the full-sized containers until you see how well the products work. Your skin will be revitalized and rejuvenated. These items may be used on virtually any skin type, from normal to oily to combination. They are particularly appropriate for aging skin.