truSculpt 3D : why 86% of people on say its worth it


Ask most women today, and they will tell you that non-surgical beauty treatments are the modern way to maintain a youthful look with a more sculpted face and body. No one desires to look “over-done” and fake, and that is why non-invasive aesthetic procedures deliver the best natural-looking results. Take, for example, truSculpt 3D. It’s the latest trend in fat reduction and contouring a slimmer silhouette, and 86-percent of people say it is “worth it” at the RealSelf website.

truSculpt is an advanced high-tech treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to perform its magic on multiple areas of the body like stubborn fat on the thighs, belly and arms. The Surrey BC procedure can also improve fat under the chin for a sharper jawline. Best of all, there is no downtime.

The controlled radiofrequency of truSculpt offers up to 24-percent of fat reduction in one treatment. This is scientifically proven in studies and is FDA-approved. In addition, the procedure can improve skin laxity and skin tone and only takes about 15 minutes for completion for body sculpting in one area.

Men and women who have tried truSculpt 3D give their honest opinions on RealSelf ( The website is a wonderful vehicle that allows users to ask questions to expert doctors and aesthetic technicians in their field, write treatment reviews and share photos of their experiences. These are reviews that you can trust.

For instance, here is a real review on truSculpt 3D by a female client who was trying to regain her natural curves after pregnancy. She had love handles that she could not diet or exercise away. She chose truSculpt and was very pleased with the results, and she has the photos to prove the treatment works.

Not only did she shrink down her fat, but she also dropped one size in her jeans within four weeks and regained the firm skin she had before pregnancy.

Reviews on truSculpt 3D are inspiring and educational to read, but most of all, these written experiences are honest. If a client was displeased with a treatment, they are not afraid to say it at RealSelf.

Another review by a female client told her story about her upper arm fat journey and how truSculpt delivered great results and a pleasant hot stone massage-type feeling. The woman noticed immediately how the fat disappeared within a month, and her sculpted thinner and firmer upper arms returned.

She was blown away because the procedure really gave authentic results, and the tiny downtime consisted of a slight pinkness that went away in a couple of hours following the treatment. There was zero swelling or side effects, she wrote in her review.

“The proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes as one looks at her transformation photos. Her upper arms no longer show bulges of fat.

truSculpt is an amazing, highly advanced treatment for exceptional body contouring in Vancouver when performed by the experts at SkinFX Canada. Schedule a consultation today, and see what this incredible, safe and quick procedure can do for your silhouette.

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