Why You Should Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments in January

As the months cool and days get shorter, it may not seem like a time you’d consider laser hair removal… but it is actually the best time to start removing that hair. Due to the changes in skin pigment caused by sun exposure in the summer, the winter months make it a more ideal time to begin hair removal treatment.  

January Laser Hair Removal. It’s The Real Deal.


One of the biggest reasons to begin treatment in January is because of sunlight. In the winter there is less light and it is advised to get the least amount of sun exposure PRIOR to laser hair removal.


Laser Hair Removal Takes Weeks To Removal All Hair.

  At least 72 hrs of no sunlight prior to each and every laser hair removal treatment is recommended. And with laser, you will need individual 4-10 treatments. Suddenly, now laser doesn’t make for you and you end up skipping laser for another year. Don’t procrastinate this year. Start early and be hairless for summer. Doing laser hair removal this January is the best time to start.  

Don’t Laser Before You Tan


Another reason is that in the warmer summer months, people tend to develop tans. It is less ideal to do laser with darker skin and may take extra treatments to remove all the hair. The laser settings can’t be set as high because of pigment and skin color.


Give Yourself Some Time, Don’t Leave It To Last Minute.

It’s easier on yourself too if you aren’t rushing through your laser hair treatments. Sit back, schedule your treatments now, and don’t leave it to last minute. We’ll handle the rest. We usually recommend 4-6 laser hair treatments to start, some individuals need more treatments—based on hair and skin tone.  

Special Pricing This January 2019

  If you weren’t already sold, here’s your chance to save a bit of $. We are offering special pricing on our laser hair treatment services this month at SkinFX Canada. Please call our receptionist at 778 772 2778 for the latest pricing. To learn more about excel HR in Vancouver, call us today so that we can setup your complimentary laser hair removal consultation. Contact our laser hair removal clinic in South Surrey now for a complimentary no obligation consultation. Our laser hair removal clinic in Metro Vancouver can help you stop shaving forever.  

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