Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections for Groups, Weddings, Events, and/or Businesses


 With holiday season fast approaching and ladies getting prepared for Christmas and New Year parties, meeting their families, loved ones, or going for a vacation, there is going to be greater demand for Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections so that they can welcome the new year with wrinkle-free beautiful skin.

Many ladies out there would also have it on their New Year resolution list to have impeccable skin in 2019. At the SkinFX Canada, the best South Surrey Skin Clinic, we are fully aware of the increasing demand for Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections especially during the holiday season and therefore, we have introduced an amazingly discounted promotion for larger groups and businesses planning to purchase Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections in bulk.

Pre-purchase Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections

With our pre-purchase offer specifically designed for groups and businesses looking to split 100-1000 units between multiple people, you will be benefit from increased discounts the more you buy. Please contact us for the current pricing as prices fluctuate.

Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections Parties for Groups

SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Skin Clinic where corporate clients are truly appreciated. If you are a large group of females looking to enjoy the most affordable Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections treatment, then brace yourself and get ready to party because we are the only one who offer one of its kind Cosmetic Wrinkle-reducing Injections Parties for larger groups.

Free Consultations

We can understand you may have different concerns before making a decision, therefore, SkinFX Canada is the only South Surrey Skin Clinic to offer free consultation.

So call us now or send us an email to book your free appointment before stock runs out.

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