Dermal Fillers – More Than Just Duck Lips and What They Can Do for You

When you ask people to picture dermal fillers the image, for many, that tends to come to mind involves The Real Housewives of …” and the melodrama therein.
Not so!
Modern fillers are amazingly effective products that really can help patients restore their natural beauty and combat signs of aging. The stereotypical overdone lips are the minority cases where augmentation is very obvious due to patient or practitioner preference. As we age multiple changes occur in our face.  Our facial bone structure remodels, skin loses elasticity and collagen content, and facial fat pads begin to descend abetted by our friend gravity.  These changes combine to give us that aged, sagging look and contribute to worsening folds, jowls, and appearance of tiredness.
The current generation of fillers is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally-occurring carbohydrate found in our bodies. While they certainly add back lost volume from aging as their name suggests, they also play an important role in adding facial structure, supporting surrounding tissues, and promoting hydration from within. They help combat the tired, sagging look of aging and help restore a more youthful and well-rested appearance.

Common treatment areas for fillers include:

  • Temples (mitigates age-related atrophy)
  • Tear troughs (restores volume)
  • Cheeks (restores volume)
  • Cheekbones (improves mid-face structure, softens nasolabial folds)
  • Nasolabial folds and marionette lines (softens folds)
  • Lips (volume, hydration, shape)
  • Chin (balances lower third of the face, improves chin projection)
Every face is different and every patient has different goals. As part of the consultation process, Dr. Dale conducts a customized full facial assessment and then tailors it to the individual patient’s needs and budget. Often times patients learn something new about where fillers can be used and importantly how fillers can contribute to a fresh and youthful appearance.
When done with care and artistry in carefully selected patients 2 cc (2 syringes) of fillers can still retain a beautiful and natural lip shape. 
A subtle lift in the cheekbone areas combined with hydration and volume restoration in the perioral region creates a brighter and well-rested look, enhancing the patient’s natural beauty. 
*when photos are shared consent is always obtained first from our patients. Do not reproduce without permission. 

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