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Listen Up Canada!

There’s a new kid on the block in competition against the world’s well-known brand BOTOX. Say hello to NUCEIVA. NUCEIVA is Canada’s newest and most advanced neuromodulator. NUCEIVA® temporarily relaxes specific muscles by blocking nerve impulses, just the same way BOTOX does.


You may be asking, why should I care about NUCEIVA? Well, until now, there were not many options in anti-wrinkle treatments and the three most common toxins used to smooth out fine-lines were Dysport®, Botox®, and Xeomin®. These three are the only ones that passed the FDA criteria, and Botox® has dominated the market since 1989.  However, since then, NUCEIVA™ has been approved by Health Canada as well the FDA (Note: NUCEIVA is marketed under the name JEUVEAU in the United States) NUCEIVA™ has also enjoyed success in the Korean market where it was launched in 2014 by the name of Nabota, providing data on the results of NUCEIVA™ outside of a controlled environment.  There have been no reports of bad side effects or adverse complications from the use of NUCEIVA™.  The same molecule as the one used in Botox® is in NUCEIVA™ and Botox’s track record proves that it is clinically safe.

Why not just use BOTOX?

The most exciting thing about NUCEIVA™, and the reason you may want to try it out is that the price is projected to be 25% cheaper than BOTOX® treatment. The company behind NUCEIVA™ is Evolus and they were convinced that they wanted to enter only the medical aesthetics industry. The largest category in this sector is neurotoxins since wrinkle-reduction is the most popular cosmetic procedure and Allergan has been dominating the market and owns 70% of the market share, while Dysport® has captured 20%, and Xeomin® only has 10%. (Watch out, BOTOX, Nuceiva is projected to steal much of your market share.) NUCEIVA™ also enjoys another advantage over other neurotoxins that it is developed ONLY for aesthetic purposes.  The company behind NUCIEVA, Evolus, is more flexible in its pricing as it is not restricted by government reimbursements. This is what leads analysts to believe the drug will be cheaper than the other forms. Focusing their efforts only on the aesthetics market will also help the company create a better promotional strategy.

The Similarities between NUCEIVA™ and Botox®

NUCEIVA™ is almost the same as Botox® treatment since both are extracted from the same type of bacteria. Botox® is basically a neuromodulator and NUCEIVA™ works on the same principle to smooth out the creases in the face. Botox® is an established brand and is not the name of the standard neurotoxin drug. For example, LG and Samsung are two different companies producing the same type of TV, similarly, NUCEIVA™ and Botox® are two different neurotoxin brands.

Should I try NUCIEVA?

The ultimate decision is based on the personal choice of the patient and the experience the administrator has had with the brand. However, NUCEIVA™ follows the same procedure as the other brands and will be accepted by all aesthetic clinicians. If you are looking to save around 25% on your anti-wrinkle treatment, NUCIEVA might be the injectable for you.

Can I switch from BOTOX or Dysport, to NUCIEVA?

Although all the drugs used for aesthetic treatments contain the same formula, the safety and effectiveness profile for NUCEIVA™ is similar to that of Botox®. Therefore, the injectable can be substituted for one another.  Those who have had Botox® injections in the past can also switch to NUCEIVA™ now because they are essentially the same treatments. If you are looking to save around 25% on your anti-wrinkle treatment, NUCIEVA might be the injectable for you.

NUCEIVA: Special Introductory Pricing at SkinFX

The wait is over, NUCEIVA by Evolus is finally here, and SkinFX is one of the first 400 clinics across Canada to receive the product!  Message us to schedule your appointment


An anti-wrinkle treatment at a discounted price is likely to create a strong force in the market, so you won’t see NUCEIVA disappear any time soon. Market analysts predict that the drug will capture a sizeable part of the shares. #byebyebotox #hellonuceiva #newtox

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