What Is Facial Skin Tightening and at What Age Should You Consider Treatment 


Skin is something most of us are very considerate of, especially as we start growing older. Wrinkles, saggy or loose skin can be a serious problem for not people of all ages. When we’re younger, we’re gifted with firm, supple, and tight skin which enables attractive contours and features on our face, thereby giving us a lot more confidence. The truth is, after a certain age, everyone’s skin starts to sag and lose its youthful glow. 


But don’t worry just yet, there is a silver lining. Facial skin tightening treatments have come very far in the last decade. Today, you don’t even need surgery or expensive treatments to rejuvenate your skin and refresh that glow. So how do these treatments work, if not surgically? How long will they last? Who are they for? We answer these questions and more below. 


What Age Is Ideal To Consider Facial Tightening Solutions? 


Skin can start showing signs of laxity as early as in a person’s 20s. It would start very slowly, to a point where it’s almost not noticeable but then begins to rapidly develop, causing the skin to sag. By a person’s late 30s, they’ll start seeing clear signs of laxity, starting at the jaw and spreading to the neck. Of course, this depends from person to person, because not everyone has the same genetic makeup or lifestyle. 


Non-invasive face tightening treatments today are a great option for people of all ages. While there are many methods to choose from, ultrasound and laser treatments seem to be the most effective means to reverse the effects of age. 


Younger patients, in their 20s and 30s, can opt for skin tightening to improve their appearance and take control over skin laxity early on. At this age, collagen production is much higher than as you start getting older, so starting early could give you more dramatic results and even help prevent or at least slow down further aging. 


Most individuals, however, consider these treatments in their middle age to treat more severe signs of laxity. People in their 40s and 50s can address their skin aging in a more natural, non-invasive yet effective way while revitalizing their skin. 


There are also instances of patients who consider treatment post their 50s and see considerable results with these procedures. 


With the non-surgical treatments, the upside is that there is no age cap on when you should start or how late is too late to see results. These treatments are designed in such a manner that no matter when you undergo the procedure, you are bound to see definitive results and have firmer, supple skin. 


How Does It Work? 


There are numerous skin tightening technologies that are out there today. But as we mentioned, the two that show the most promise are the ultrasound treatment and infrared light treatment. Both of these usher in the production of collagen and show long-lasting effects, post-treatment. 


Both are safe and have shown no major signs of side effects, hence making them an excellent choice for people with practically any skin type. Of course, the results achieved can not compare to surgical methods, in terms of how long they last, but it is just as effective and can be maintained with regular treatment. 


Infrared Laser Therapy 

This type of therapy uses light to reduce hyperpigmentation, relieve acne, and stimulate cell growth. With skin tightening, this treatment can also stimulate collagen production in the deep layers of skin, causing an anti-agent effect that keeps developing even after treatment. This treatment does require several visits, but it keeps the effect fresh and lasting for many years. Of course, the brand of laser used also plays a role in how effective the treatment is. 


Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound has a longstanding history for its amazing effects in medicine and now, cosmetics. This form of therapy uses thermal energy to tighten the skin and lift it. Ultrasound energy is generated at varying depths of the skin and slowly causes more collagen production. Results are not instantaneous with this process and take a few weeks to show noticeable changes. 


Both these treatments are quick and comfortable, and are completely non-invasive, from start to finish. A patient simply has to lie down and let the professional move the device to the affected areas. A cooling gel is applied to your skin, which allows for a more effective movement of the applicator. The applicator will create energy to heat the tissues beneath the first layer of skin, to which the skin responds with collage contradiction in deeper layers, and leads to increased production for the next couple of weeks. 


Benefits of Facial Skin Tightening


Here are the benefits of non-invasive facial skin tightening: 


Firm Skin

Skin loosens up as its ability to produce collagen slows down. Collagen is the protein that holds skin together and provides support. Lose, saggy skin can happen all over the body, especially around the eyes, elbows, jaw, and knees. This treatment can help firm up loose skin across not just the face, but other parts of the body too. In addition to firming skin up, it can also help lift already sagging skin and rejuvenate your face. 


Go Wrinkle-Free

Skin tightening can help smooth out wrinkles with natural healing responses drawn out by the heat energy generated during the process. The skin contracts when reacting to the heat and smoothes out wrinkles around your face.


No Surgery or Scars

The biggest benefit is that no surgery is required, which means the procedure is much more affordable. It also negates the downsides of surgery like scars, infections, dealing with anesthesia, stitches, or injections. Recovery time is much faster as well. 


Having firmer, smoother skin will make anyone feel more confident and make them feel much better in their skin. Turning back the clock is easier than you thought! You can also completely customize your procedure to get the best skin tightening facial treatment for you! So don’t wait to look your best self, talk to an expert today.  


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